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Textron/Arctic Cat Engine Storage Preserver Fogging Oil – 12 Ounces

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12 ounces / 354 mL
Prevents rust and corrosion in 2-cycle engines during storage or periods of non-use
Simply spray into the carbs/throttle bodies of a running engine to coat the inside of the crankcase

Two- and four-stroke recreational vehicles, hand-held power equipment, small engines and construction and farm equipment are commonly operated seasonally or infrequently, then stored for long periods of time. During these periods of inactivity, and as a result of fluctuations in ambient temperatures, water vapor can form condensate within the engine. When this condensate comes into direct contact with steel and iron components, it forms surface corrosion on cylinder liners, piston rings, anti-friction bearings and steel/iron contact surfaces on rotational seals. Long periods of storage can also dry out cylinders, often resulting in permanent damage when the equipment is taken out of storage and dry-started.

Replaces Part # 0678-023, 0636-177

Approved for use in all 2-stroke and 4-stroke Textron/Arctic Cat ATV’s, Prowler’s, Wildcat’s, and Snowmobile’s

Also works well for outboard engines, lawn and garden equipment, motorcycles, generators, snowblowers, and just about any other seasonal use gasoline engine