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Textron/Arctic Cat Fuel Stabilizer – 8 Ounces

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Slows process of fuel oxidation to prevent gum and varnish buildup
Makes for easier startups after long periods of storage
Approved for use in all Arctic Cat 2-stroke and 4-stroke vehicle fuel systems

Treating todays Ethanol-blended fuels is critical to the welfare the fuel system. Modern Ethanol-blended fuels are designed for automotive use and are meant to be used right away. Because Ethanol absorbs water, the longer these fuels sit the more they degrade. Fuel Stabilizer helps keep fuel fresh and free of gum and varnish.

Replaces Part # 0638-165

Approved for use in fuel tank of all Textron/Arctic Cat ATV’s, Prowler’s, Wildcat’s, and Snowmobile’s