10 Warning Signs Of Your Diamond Ring Demise

The Crown Jewels of England & British Orders & Decorations. Regardless of the atmosphere that surrounds them, diamonds are actually neither rare nor special. Be sure to take a look at our world renowned collection of British Crown Jewels on display. They’re expensive simply because that the De Beers cartel has succeeded in controlling supply and demand. With a permanent free exhibit of life size replicas of the Crown Jewels of England, Houston Jewelry’s amazing and unique display will be sure to enchant you. From the early 1900s, diamonds were a common selection for engagement rings, but were considered only 1 option amongst many, and people were picking diamonds and less often.

Stop by today or click here for more details! When people did proceed the diamond route, they bought small, inexpensive ones, preferring to spend their money on other items. We’re a company of Distinction. Hoping for people to buy the heaps of diamonds that they were sitting on, in 1938 De Beers launched a decades-long, multi-million dollar press and advertising effort that sought to imbue the jewels with romantic meaning and social status. Houston antiques 9521 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77063.

Their stated aim was "constant publicity to show that just the bead is everywhere accepted and known as the symbol of betrothal," and to turn the gem into "a psychological necessity capable of competing successfully in the retail level with all usefulness goods and services. " MON-FRI: 10:30am-5:30pm SAT 10:30am-5:30pm SUN: Closed MAP & directions To the end, the agency got celebrities to be photographed wearing the glittery rings, placed them in movies, had radio programs discuss the newest "trend" towards diamonds, and even sent lecturers to high schools to speak to young women about the significance of picking the diamond for their engagement rings. Telephone: 1.800.495.2630 713.784.1000. The tagline "A Diamond Is Forever" was devised not simply to evoke eternal love, but to intentionally dissuade people from re-selling their jewels; together with the public sitting on more than 500 million carats of diamonds, were people to routinely unload them for cash, the market for fresh diamonds could crater. Lest you forget, De Beers is here to remind you that "a diamond is a mark of your accomplishment. " And the very valued symbol of your devotion. . .is an overpriced, cartel-controlled stone. Where To Find: Our 13 Favourite Places To Get Custom Engagement Rings. De Beers also explicitly worked to increase demand by tapping to the population’s appetite for conspicuous consumption, and transforming the bead to a status symbol both for the guy giving it and the woman receiving it. The top places to design your own engagement ring at Ireland.

Their ad agency’s report especially recommended "promoting the bead as one material thing which could signify, in a really personal way, a guy ’s… achievement in existence. " To target men who aspired to join the upper classes, they suggested the advertisements "possess the odor of tweed, old leather and polished wood which is characteristic of a great club. " Thinking about popping the question and going bespoke? There are tons of great Irish jewellers around who would be thrilled to help you out. The blitz was of course among the most successful ad campaigns of all time: the vast majority of people now think about diamond rings, and just diamond rings, when it comes time to get engaged. We’ve gathered 13 of our favourite custom made engagement ring designers around Ireland including a variety of styles and designs, each of whom are well versed in producing the perfect once-in-a-lifetime gift. But some girls now aren’t into the status quo. Where to Find Custom Engagement Rings in Ireland.

Whether it’s a rejection of the diamond’s crass commercial background, a discomfort with the way that they ’re mined (though "conflict-free" diamonds are an option), a desire to possess something much more unique or meaningful, or even a belief that spending 3-months’ salary on a stone is ridiculous (read: keeper), your grandma might want to consider beyond the box when it comes to the engagement ring you’ll get . Natasha Sherling designs rings which are simple, stylish and custom made. If that describes your soon-to-be fiance, below are several kinds of engagement rings without diamonds to think about. Go totally bespoke or reset an present piece. Before we get into a few of these choices, it’s very important to highlight that you shouldn’t propose with a non-diamond ring if you don’t ’re 100% confident that your grandma is cool with it. If you’re proposing but want to decide on the ring collectively Natasha does some stunning "token" rings which won’t break the bank. Though it began as a promotion effort, the expectation of a diamond engagement ring is now thoroughly ingrained within our culture. Loved for her dainty jewellery and original necklaces, Chupi now also designs stunning and subtly stylish engagement rings.

Even if your girlfriend is your non-traditional kind in many matters, she may surprise you (and even herself) together with diamond engagement rings her desire for a diamond. Each ring is handcrafted in Dublin and can be changed to your own tastes and wishes. That is a ring she’ll be showing off to her friends after your proposal and likely wearing for the rest of her life, so you need her to be proud of itand for this to elicit fond feelings, rather than disappointment, whenever she appears in her hand. 3. So be sure to discuss your girlfriend’s desires and expectations prior to settling on a ring.

The Cat and The Moon. 1. Website: www.thecatandthemoon.com. Man-Made Diamonds.

4. For the woman who doesn’t need a pure diamond, but doesn’t need to stray too far from modern tradition, man-made diamonds really are an alternative. Luisa Verling. Even though most men and women think of cubic zirconia if they think of synthetic diamonds, there are actually a couple different classes under this umbrella. An award winning jewellery designer that loves creating slick, personalised engagement rings.

Cubic zirconia and similar materials such as moissanite are considered diamond "simulants. " They seem almost identical to actual diamonds into the naked eye, but are composed of another substance. Location: Dublin 2 | Website: www.luisaverling.com. The benefit of "CZ" (along with other simulants) is that it’s significantly cheaper than actual diamonds. 5. But unless your woman is completely on board with this option, I’d say it’s better to steer clear of it. Gilbert Henry Goldsmith. Whenever people admire her "diamond," she’ll be thinking about herself, "it’s bogus," which is a real romance killer.

Gilbert plays with diamonds in your non-typical way, using unusual shapes and mix of metals. Now the next choice in this category is significantly different — even a more recently developed alternative I didn’t even know existed before I researched this report. Owned and ran by seasoned jewellery designer Denise O’Connor, Rare offer a great bespoke jewellery design service for custom engagement rings, wedding rings and other accessories also. These are "laboratory-created" or "cultured" diamonds. Location: Dublin 2 | Website: www.rarejewellerydesign.ie.

It’s not very accurate to call them "synthetic" since they’re created through an atom-by-atom crystal growth process that just duplicates the physical, chemical, and optical properties of naturally-mined diamonds. 7. It’s impossible to tell the two apart unless one uses advanced spectroscopy. Eva Dorney. Since lab-created diamonds could be produced ad infinitum, their cost is lower than normal, mined diamonds, though not as much as you’d think; since De Beers has felt that these lab-created diamonds may reflect the wave of the future, they’ve made moves to restrain the market and boost the price! They’re a pretty fantastic choice for a lady for whom "responsibly sourced" doesn’t go far enough, and who would like to further decrease her ecological footprint. Eva is a great choice for something aside from your typical diamond engagement ring and will work with you to make your ideal ring from scratch or using a family heirloom.

2. Location: Dublin 14 | Website: www.evadorney.com. A Knot. 8. This kind of knot works well for an engagement (or wedding) ring, as it forms the symbol for infinity — everlasting love.

John Brereton. A perfect alternative for a lady with simple tastes. Featured in many of our real weddings John Brereton offers a custom design service, such as a 3D preview which allows you to see what your design will look like before it’s made.